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posted February 10th, 2013, 9:12 am

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February 10th, 2013, 9:12 am



The point at which the author tries to shove information down your throats awkwardly so people stop getting confused. I am so bad at making normal conversation.

@Scarce Rose: Ashley and Violet are half-siblings (they share the same dad) but Sadie is unrelated. :)

@twerdgirl8462: Mm... more or less... XD

@Cynxcity: It's more that his mom was mentally unstable and raised him to be a girl, which skewed his perception of himself from an early age. If you are biologically male but told from the day you're born that you're biologically female, you are probably going to grow up believing it, though you may feel the need to fight your gender roles or feel out of place, and of course puberty will reveal the obvious issues at hand. This is why I labeled Ashley as bigender, because his perception of self is skewed by believing from an early age that he was female, but eventually grew (somewhat, not completely) into the role of a biological male and (somewhat, not completely) accepted it. He still holds on to both perceptions he has of himself, but doesn't really completely fall into either one.

@snow crystal: You've more or less got it. :) Whee!

@SeaCrest: Haha really it's just Ashley and his mom that are messed up, the rest of his family tries very hard to retain a sense of normalcy. :P

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July 18th, 2018, 3:57 am



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February 10th, 2013, 10:27 am

snow crystal


I KNEW IT!! That was from the flashback early in the comic visible... when Ahsley's mom did is hair...?
And whoo, some backround is revealed!! That's great! :)

Also, I'm absolutely sure that Ashley is a great brother.

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February 10th, 2013, 5:38 pm



Ahh, yes, that is understandable. My only concern is that he would feel the need to "be" one sex externally for the sake of his Mom, and deny his own feelings about who he is.

Frankly, it doesn't matter to me either way, nor should it matter to anyone else. My only problem is when people try to FORCE somebody to be someone they're not, you know? :P And in this case, we see how it can really screw with someone's mind.. and that is something nobody should go through.

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February 10th, 2013, 7:27 pm

SeaCrest (Guest)


Aww. A replacement child? That's not fair to the second child D: Now, how did she die?

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February 10th, 2013, 10:56 pm



Didn't the mom go crazy and try to kill Ashley (the guy one)in the flashback thing a while ago? Do we ever get to actualy see her hair? (Yes not her face, just her hair. It's more impostant)

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March 4th, 2013, 3:30 pm



So sad!! U_U

Anyway, I love this comic! Ashley is so endearing... <3 And I really like Noelle's personality. ^_^

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