Chapter 07, Page 02

posted 02 Jan 2015 10:21 pm

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02 Jan 2015 10:26 pm



Hopefully this page looks normal (please tell me if the colors are weird) because I'm having computer issues AGAIN and I'm going to scream, I'm pretty sure one of my monitors is on its way out the door or my graphics card is or BOTH for all I know. :T

@YukixKaname1: It's definitely been rough trying to get back to updating. Cafe is taking a bit longer because it's hard for me to get back into where I was. And Lucas's mom knows he got beat up, she just doesn't know his nose IS broken. :,)

@redleaveshavefallen: Uggghh I know right? And my computer has NOT been making this easy on me. It's one thing after another lately, I dunno... I guess my computer's on its way out haha...

@s.s.: Lucas is just a problem magnet. Seriously, how did he even get in all this trouble? He's mostly just a spectator and things just happen to him.

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30 Aug 2015 09:34 pm



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03 Jan 2015 01:05 am



it's fine :D

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08 Jan 2015 02:44 pm



@Rennakins Ohhhh, you!! The page is alright, deary! Soooo quit your worrying! Shushhh, babu it's alright, the colors are alright, everything is fine.

Of course, it must be and best of luck to you. Ah, well you should take your time before updating Cafe. Ohhh, dang that sucks uhm good luck with that one Lucas!
Oop, welp rest in peace--pieces Lucas! Because, you're going to your grave early. But, awessss if that were to happen him and Ashley may not still be together! DX

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29 Jan 2015 09:42 pm

kailey (Guest)



This story is great! I'm hooked already, can't wait for the update.

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17 Feb 2015 08:31 pm



Found this today and I'm hooked. Hope to see an update soon.

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25 Apr 2015 02:45 pm

ZHODY the delfinator


Oh, shit, I caught up!?

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17 Aug 2015 05:51 pm



I hadn't noticed it'd bee so long since this updated last ;; I hope its still going aaaa

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