Name: Lucas Labrecque
Age: 22
Job: Interior Designer

Lucas looks miserable most of the time, but it's just because his family has more or less found out how to play him like a fiddle. He graduated from college with a degree in interior design and was immediately volunteered against his will to design his aunt's new work space. Deep down, he's a very loyal and caring person... if he lets you in. He secretly adores his two little sisters, Annalise and Adelaide, who are twins. He also has a girlfriend named Harper who works as a waitress back home.

Name: Ashley Wilde
Age: 20
Job: Construction worker

Seemingly happy-go-lucky, he is Noelle's best friend and the constant focus of Lucas's rage. He's bisexual but leans towards men, much to his father's dismay. He was put through technical school to straighten him out but he just deals with the constant teasing at work. Ashley lives on his own, rarely talks to his father, and visits his mother once a week, only to come back looking depressed.

Name: Noelle Labrecque
Age: 18
Job: Retail cashier

Noelle is often clueless about what's going on between her cousin and her best friend, and comes to the very wrong conclusion that they are good friends. She likes to change her hair color and style frequently, wearing hair extensions often. Oddly, although she is somewhat clueless about most things, she picks up on very small details sometimes. Her best friend is Ashley.

Name: Lola Labrecque
Age: 38
Job: Freelance artist

Lola is a freelance artist with a serious attitude problem. She's divorced, and has one daughter, Noelle, who lives with her. She can be pushy and demanding, but sensitive when it's needed. She also seems to have an extremely advanced version of gaydar.

Name: Greta Crosby
Age: 25
Job: Interior designer

Chic and wild, Greta is the top style expert at the interior design firm, though Grant is technically her superior. She can be very catty and doesn't get along well with Grant or anyone at the construction company, particularly Derek. She's also a little bit lazy sometimes, but she gets her work done.

Name: Grant Anderson
Age: 27
Job: Interior designer

Uptight and obnoxious, Grant rules the office... when the boss isn't there. He is a perfectionist in every possible meaning of the word, and is constantly arguing with Greta for her lack of work ethic or picking on Valerie for her low-quality work. He's almost certain they will drive him to an early grave.

Name: Valerie Polk
Age: 21
Job: Interior design intern

As an intern, Valerie is given most of the grunt work at the interior design firm. She has dyscalculia, which affects her ability to manipulate numbers, often causing Grant headaches when she types in her numbers wrong. She also had heterochromia, as one of her eyes is hazel and the other is green. Valerie cries a lot because she's often getting yelled at.

Name: Liam Cook
Age: 20
Job: Construction worker

Liam is Ashley's partner at the construction company. The two were good friends in elementary school but now Liam insults Ashley in public, but privately seems to have other interests in the boy. When he's in a nice enough mood, he tells the others at the site to leave Ashley alone.

Name: Dennis Pilon
Age: 18
Job: Construction worker

Having moved to the town from Canada, Dennis was at first picked on by the other construction workers until they found that he can drink them all under the table. He is a bit of a troublemaker, and even at his nicest he tends to make situations worse.

Name: Derek Astor
Age: 23
Job: Construction worker

Despite the intolerance of the other construction workers, Derek can get away with being bisexual because he will make anyone's life a living hell if they pick on him. He likes to make very vulgar remarks and picks on Greta, who gets easily aggravated by him.